Dental Braces

Dental braces (also known as orthodontic treatment) is used to straighten crooked teeth and to remove gaps in teeth. Dental braces corrects the irregular positioning of teeth by aligning the teeth in the right position.

It takes 12-24 months to slowly correct the position of teeth using braces. The time required to keep the braces on the teeth depends on how much alignment of the teeth is required.


Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental braces takes more time and visits to the dentist. An alternative to braces is dental veneers that can correct minor changes in position of irregular teeth, in 2-3 days. But for major changes in the position of the teeth, braces are used.

Benefits of Dental Braces

  • Corrects the position of teeth
  • Fills the gap in teeth
  • Food does not get stuck in the gap
  • You look better when you smile

Types of Dental Braces

Dental braces are of 4 types: Tooth colored, Lingual, Metal and Clear aligners.

These are the best type of dental braces.

These are only made of metal, and not recommended.

These are applied on the inside of the jaw and not recommended.

These are only successful on very few (mild) cases, and not recommended.

Tooth Colored Braces

It is the best type of dental braces because it corrects all incorrect arrangement or position of teeth and misalignment of teeth. It is not


as visible as a metal braces because its brackets are tooth colored. It can correct all mild and severe cases of crooked teeth.

Metal Braces

A metal braces is same as a tooth colored braces, except that it is not tooth colored. It is black in color. Therefore, it does not look


good but it can correct all incorrect arrangement or position of teeth and misalignment of teeth like tooth colored braces.

Lingual Braces

This braces is same as tooth colored braces and metal braces, but these are applied on the inside on the mouth. It can only correct mild


cases of crooked teeth and can not correct severe cases of crooked teeth. It also causes bruises on the tongue because the tongue is constantly rubbed by the wire and brackets inside the mouth when talking or eating.

Clear Aligner Braces

Clear aligner braces are a set of 12-18 braces that are given to you on the first visit. You will wear these in the next 12-18 months one


after the other. Each braces has slightly better position of teeth from previous braces. So, regular visit to the dentist is not required in this treatment. You can wear one braces for some time and then use the next braces and discard the old one.

Procedure for Placing Braces

A dental braces is made of wire and brackets. A dental braces is placed on teeth for 12-18 months, and requires a visit to the dentist every month. On every visit, the wire is slightly more adjusted or tightened compared to previous visit, to slowly correct the position of the teeth.

First Visit: On the first visit, the brackets are glued to the teeth and a wire is passed through the brackets. The wire is slightly adjusted to give a very small correction to the position of the teeth for the first month.


Next Visits: On all next visits, the wire is slightly more adjusted. After 12-24 months, the teeth get the correct position.

Last Visit: On the last visit, after 12-24 months, the brackets and wire is removed from the mouth and the treatment is complete.

Alternatives of Dental Braces

A dental braces is the best option to correct crooked teeth and correct the irregular position of teeth. However, there is an alternative to a dental braces: dental veneers. Dental veneers can be done in only 2-3 days as compared to the treatment of dental braces that takes 12-24 months. However, dental veneers can only correct mild cases of crooked teeth.

Read more about dental veneers here.


Cost of Dental Braces is - $ 3450 in USA

The average cost of dental braces is $ 3450 in USA. This amount is usually paid in installments because the treatment takes 12-24 months.


Frequently Asked Questions​


Question: Is a dental treatment painful?
Answer: No, dental treatment is a completely painless procedure.

Question: Do you use anesthesia to reduce pain?
Answer: Yes, anesthesia is used to numb the mouth. You will be fully awake during the treatment and you will not feel any pain in the mouth.

Question: How many days are required for the dental treatment?
Answer: The time required for a dental treatment depends on the treatment.


Question: How long does a dental prosthesis last?
Answer: Life of a dental prosthesis depends on the type of prosthesis.

Question: What if I do not get a dental prosthesis?
Answer: If the empty space left by an extracted tooth is not filled by a dental prosthesis, then it will cause other teeth to fall soon. Please see the effects of a missing tooth on other teeth here.


Question: Does a dental prosthesis require regular cleaning?
Answer: Yes, a dental prosthesis require regular cleaning.

Question: Does a dental prosthesis look like a natural tooth?
Answer: Yes, it looks like a natural tooth because the color of dental prosthesis matches with your other natural teeth.

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