Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. It is made of two or more crowns. It is held in place by the two adjacent teeth which are on the either side of the missing teeth. The two teeth hold the bridge while the false tooth fills the gap.

  • It lasts for 15-20 years
  • It restores function and smile
  • It is done in single visit of 2 days

Benefits - Why you need a bridge?

A missing tooth is a serious thing. Teeth are made to function together. When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth may drift into the empty space.Teeth present in the opposite jaw may also shift up or down. This can affect your bite and place more stress on your teeth, causing pain and damage.
Teeth that have drifted are also harder to clean which makes it a higher risk for tooth decay or gum disease.
When a tooth is missing, the surrounding bone may shrink. If that happens, it may change the way your face look. Dental bridge maintains the proper shape of bite and maintains proper shape of the face.

Procedure for Placing Bridge

A fixed bridge means that your dentist uses existing natural teeth on both sides of your missing tooth to help hold your bridge in place. Placing a bridge will take more than one dental visit.

On the first appointment, your dentist prepares the teeth. The bridge will attach to those prepared teeth.
Then an impression of your teeth and the space is made. That information is sent to a dental laboratory where they will make the bridge.
A temporary bridge is placed to protect your prepared teeth while you are waiting for the permanent bridge.
When the permanent bridge is ready, your dentist fits, adjusts and cements the bridge permanently to the prepared teeth. This type of bridge cannot be taken out of your mouth without a dentist’s help.

Types of Bridge Placement

1. Bridge on natural teeth
2. Bridge on Implants
3. Bridge on one natural tooth and one implant

Cost of Dental Bridge

The complete cost of a dental bridge at our clinic is:

Example 1: Bridge of 3 Teeth

  1. One Tooth Crown
  2. Cost of 1 bridge (1 X 3 number of teeth)


US $ 100
US $ 300

Example 2: Bridge of 4 Teeth

  1. One Tooth Crown
  2. Cost of 1 bridge (1 X 4 number of teeth)


US $ 100
US $ 400

Precautions after Treatment

  • Do not eat for 24 hours from the same side of tooth after crown placement
  • Do not drink water for 1 hour after crown placement
  • Avoid eating hard and sticky food

Dental Bridge Vs Tooth Implant

Dental Bridge

  • It takes a single visit of 2 days
  • Bridge is a non-invasive surgery
  • Bridge are cheaper than implants
  • Bridge can be placed in every case
  • Bridge does not require additional surgery

Tooth Implant

  • Implant requres 2 visits in 3 months
  • Implant is an invasive surgery
  • Implant can not be done in every case
  • Implant may required additional surgery like sinus lift and bone graft

Dental Bridge Vs Tooth Implant

Dental Bridge

  • It takes a single visit of 2 days
  • Bridge is a fixed procedure
  • Bridge required no maintanence
  • Bridge has more biting force / strength than denture
  • Bridge looks like natural tooth
  • Bridge is expensive than denture

Denture (Removable Partial Denture)

  • Denture requires at least 7 days of visit
  • Denture is removable
  • Denture needs on more maintenace
  • Denture has less biting force / strenght
  • Denture looks less natural
  • Denture is cheaper than bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Are implants safe and how long do they last?
Answer:     Yes, they are safe and equally good as a natural tooth. Implants last for 15-20 years.

Question:  Are implants painless? Do they hurt?
Answer:     Yes, implants are painless because they are done under local anesthesia. You will feel numbness for 2-3 hours after surgery.

Question:  Do implants look natural?
Answer:     Yes, they look exactly same as natural tooth.

Question:  Does it require hospitalization?
Answer:     No, it is a daycare procedure.​

Question:  Do implants require daily cleaning?
Answer:     Yes, like a natural tooth implants require daily brushing.

What Materials are used in a Bridge?

Bridges are made from metal, porcelain, ceramics, or a combination of the two. Your dentist will discuss about the materials that are best for you.
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