Root Canal Treatment and Tooth Crown

Root Canal Treatment is the process of saving the teeth from decay and infection. When the pulp and tissue inside the teeth is infected, then the root canal treatment stops the teeth from further decay. It also prevents the tooth infection from spreading further into gums. It saves your natural tooth and tooth does not need to be extracted.

A tooth filling is done to maintain the shape of the tooth.

After root canal treatment, a tooth crown or bridge is placed on the treated tooth to give strength to the tooth. Please read more about tooth crown here and bridges here.

Root Canal Treatment



  1. Cleaning: In cleaning, the infected tissue is removed after giving local anesthsia
  2. Filling: Now, the cleaned tooth is filled to fill the gap from extracted tissue
  3. Crown: A tooth-colored crown is placed to restore the strengh and function of the tooth


There are two ways to do Root Canal Treatment:

  • Computerized / Automated (Single Visit)
  • Manual (Multiple Visits)

1. Computerized / Automated Root Canal Treatment

Computerised RCT is the most advanced type of RCT procedure. In this, the drilling of tooth and extraction of infected pulp is done using two machines, Endo Motor and Apex Locator. Its benefit is that the whole process is done in a single visit  and it is more accurate than manual RCT. However, one more visit is required on next day after RCT to place the crown on the tooth.

Endo Motor
Apex Locator

2. Manual Root Canal Treatment

Manual root canal treatment is the old method of RCT and is done in multiple visits. The whole process is done using hand so it has a few disadvantages. It takes longer time and is less accurate than computerized method.


The cost of a computerized RCT is $50. However, you also need a tooth crown after RCT which costs $100. So, total the cost of whole procedure of RCT + Crown is $50 + $100 = $150.


  • Do not eat for 24 hours from the same side of tooth after crown placement
  • Do not drink water for 1 hour after crown placement
  • Avoid eating hard and sticky food

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Is it a painful procedure?
Answer:     No, it is a completely painless treatment.

Question:  How long a RCT treated tooth last?
Answer:    RCT increases the life of a tooth by 15-20 years.

Question:  What if I do not get RCT done in infected tooth?
Answer:     If the tooth is not treated then the infection can spread into gums and may spread to other tooth.

Question:  Is placement of crown compulsory in RCT tooth?
Answer:    Yes, a crown is compulsory after RCT procedure.

Question:  Does RCT treated tooth look like a natural tooth?
Answer:    Yes, the RCT treated tooth look like a natural tooth.

Question:  How many visists are required for the complete RCT procdeure?
Answer:    The complete RCT and crown placement required a single visit of 2 days.

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