Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is done on a tooth to replace and restore the decayed part of the tooth. The benefits of tooth filling procedure are:

  • It extends the life of a tooth by at least 10 years
  • It removes the existing decay in the tooth
  • It also stops further decay in the tooth
  • Food does not get stuck in the cavity after the treatment
  • It restores the natural shape of the tooth
  • It is also used to repair broken tooth
Tooth Filling

Reasons for Tooth Filling

The most common reasons for tooth filling procedure are:

  • Decay or cavity in a tooth
  • Food gets stuck in a tooth
  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food and liquids
  • A hole in the tooth
  • Dark spots on the tooth
Tooth Filling

Types of Tooth Filling

There are two types of tooth fillings: Tooth colored filling, and Metal filling

1. Tooth Colored Filling

Tooth Filling

Its color is same as the color of the natural teeth.

Tooth Filling

2. Metal Filling

Tooth Filling

It is black in color because it is made from metals.

Tooth Filling

Procedure of Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is done in a single visit. In this, the decayed part of the tooth is drilled by the dentist. A tooth colored or metallic-colored filling is filled in the cavity prepared by the dentist.

A blue light is applied to set the filling.

Finishing touches are made by removing the excess filling material.

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