Replace a Missing Tooth

When a tooth is extracted, it leaves empty space in the jaw. It looks bad when you smile. Food also gets stuck in the gap. If multiple teeth are extracted, it gets difficult to properly chew and eat food. Therefore, the gap must be filled to avoid these bad effects.

If the space left after tooth extraction is not filled, then it will cause other teeth to fall soon. The empty space can be filled by either: a dental implant, or a dental bridge or a denture. Dental implant is the best treatment among all these treatments.

Missing Teeth


Several cases of extracted or missing teeth are shown below. Implants are used to fill the empty space left after tooth extraction.

Problems after Tooth Extraction

After the tooth extraction, the nearby teeth slowly shift towards the empty space to fill the gap left by the extracted tooth. This creates small teeth gaps among all remaining teeth. Very small particles of food gets stuck in these gaps. It causes cavities and decay in those teeth after some time. All these effects result in extraction of nearby teeth very soon.

Missing Teeth

Dental Treatments to Replace a Lost Tooth

An extracted tooth can be replaced in 3 ways:

  1. A dental implant (best option)
  2. A dental bridge made of tooth crowns
  3. A partial denture (not recommended)

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that works like a real tooth. When a natural tooth is extracted, an implant is inserted in the space left by the extracted tooth. It is the best solution for a missing tooth.

An implant is made of two parts: a metal screw and a tooth crown. The metal part of the implant is inserted in the jaw bone. After the implant is inserted in the jaw, a tooth crown is placed on the top of it.

Dental Implant

The metal screw is made of Titanium metal. Titanium is the strongest metal. Therefore, the strength of an implant is very high. Implant has a life of 15+ years.

Read more about dental implants here.

Alternatives of Implant

A dental implant is the best option to replace a lost tooth. However, there are cheaper alternatives to an implant: a dental bridge and a partial denture.

1. Dental Bridge

A dental bridge replaces the missing tooth with a fixed fake tooth. A dental bridge is placed in the mouth with the support of two

teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth. But the 2 adjacent teeth are trimmed to support the fake tooth. So, a dental bridge weakens 2 good teeth to fill space of a missing tooth.

Read more about dental bridge here.

2. Partial Denture

A partial denture replaces a missing tooth with a removable fake tooth. A denture is not recommended as an alternative to an


implant because it does not permanently fill the gap left by a missing tooth and this causes other teeth to fall soon. Read more on effects of missing teeth here.

Read more about denture here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Implants


  • Implants last for a life-time
  • Implants are the best replacement for a missing tooth
  • Implants do not affect adjacent teeth
  • Implants require less maintenance
  • Implants are made of the strongest metal: Titanium


  • Implant are costlier than dental bridge and denture.
  • Implants are a lengthy process, requiring 2 visits of 4-5 days each, with a gap of 2 months between the visits
  • Implant requires local anesthesia

Tooth Implant vs Dental Bridge

Tooth Implant

  • An implant lasts for 15+ years
  • An implant is stronger than a dental bridge
  • An implant does not require support from adjacent teeth
  • An implant is costlier than a bridge and a denture
  • An implant does not affect adjacent teeth
  • An implant requires 2 visits of 4-5 days with a gap of 2 months in between the visits

Dental Bridge

  • A bridge has a shorter life of 7-10 years
  • A bridge is not as strong as an implant
  • A bridge requires considerable trimming of the adjacent teeth
  • A bridge is relatively cheaper than an implant
  • A bridge may lead to sensitivity in adjacent teeth because of the trimming. The adjacent teeth may require a root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) to treat the tooth sensitivity
  • A bridge can be made in 3-4 days

Implant Vs Partial Denture


  • An implant is a permanently fixed tooth
  • An implant does not move while chewing, speaking, sneezing, coughing or any other natural reflexes
  • An implant is costlier than a denture
  • An implant preserves remaining jawbone and maintain facial structure (keeps you looking young)
  • An implant is a permanent solution for a missing tooth

Partial Denture

  • A denture has to be removed and cleaned daily
  • You can not wear a denture while sleeping
  • A denture often dislodge and wobble while chewing, speaking, sneezing, coughing or any other natural reflexes
  • A denture is re-aligned or made again if any change happens in the jaw, like tooth extraction
  • A denture is cheaper than an implant
  • A denture does not preserve remaining jaw bone and therefore decreases density of the jaw bone

Cost to Replace an Extracted Tooth is: $ 350 for one Implant

The cost to replace one missing tooth is:


Cost in USA

Cost outside of USA

Dental Implant

$ 3450

$ 350

Dental Bridge

$ 3780

$ 270

Partial Denture

$ 90

$ 10


Frequently Asked Questions​


Question: Is implant surgery painful?
Answer: No, implant surgery is a completely painless procedure.

Question: Do you use anesthesia to reduce pain?
Answer: Yes, anesthesia is used to numb the mouth. You will be fully awake during the treatment and you will not feel any pain in the mouth.

Question: How many days are required for the complete implant surgery and tooth crown procedure?
Answer: The complete implant surgery and tooth crown procedure takes 2 visits of 4-5 days with a gap of 2 months in between the visits.


Question: How long does an implant last?
Answer: An implant lasts for 15+ years.

Question: What if I do not get an implant?
Answer: If the empty space left by an extracted tooth is not filled by an implant, then it will cause other teeth to fall soon. Please see the effects of a missing tooth on other teeth here.


Question: Is a tooth crown compulsory after inserting an implant?
Answer: Yes, a tooth crown is compulsory after inserting an implant.

Question: Does a tooth after the implant procedure look like a natural tooth?
Answer: Yes, it looks like a natural tooth because the color of tooth crown matches with the color of your other natural teeth.

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