Dental Implant Procedure

An implant surgery is done in two parts. Implant is placed in the first part and a tooth crown is placed on the implant in the second part.

Various factors are considered when planning a dental implant surgery. These are: the number of implants required, type of implants, number of tooth crowns, type of tooth crowns, best locations in the jaw for the implants. Therefore, the doctor plans the surgery according to your jaw bone structure.

Tooth Implant

A complete dental implant surgery consists of 4 parts:

  1. Planning (consultation, X-Ray, tests, cost estimation)
  2. Implant surgery (implant insertion)
  3. Healing time (Waiting time)
  4. Tooth crown placement

Implant Cases

Dentist Consultation and Tests

1. Dentist Visit

Visit a dental clinic for for a consultation. In this, the dentist will examine the mouth and then will take a 3D image (CBCT) or an X-Ray of the whole mouth. The dentist can give better estimate of the number of implants and cost of the treatment once he examines the images.


2. Surgery Preparation

The 3D image of the mouth helps in deciding the best locations in the mouth to insert the implant. The dentist then prepares a device called “Stent” using the 3D image of the mouth. The stent helps in precise placement of the implants in the jaw bone. Therefore, very small cut is required in the gums to insert the implant in the jaw.

The 3D image also provides details if any additional procedure is required, like: bone graft and sinus lift surgery.

The 3D image also shows the path of main nerves and blood vessels in the mouth that must not be touched during the surgery.



Bone Graft and Sinus Lift Surgery

Bone graft and sinus lift surgery is done on a part of the jaw if it has less bone to hold the implant. It adds artificial bone in the part of the jaw that holds the implant.

In this procedure, a tissue layer near the gums (sinus membrane) is lifted and the bone graft (artificial bone) is filled in the jaw. The implant is then inserted. The bone graft fuses with the jaw bone and becomes like a natural bone within a few weeks.

Tooth Implant

Implant Surgery

Implants Placement Surgery: In this surgery, implants are placed in the jaw. It takes 45-60 minutes to insert one implant. After the surgery, you can resume your daily work after 2-3 days. Tooth crown is not yet placed in this surgery because the bone needs time to heal completely.

Healing / Waiting Time: The healing / waiting time is of 2 months. A temporary acrylic tooth crown is placed over the implants as a temporary replacement of a permanently fixed tooth crown.

Second Visit: The second visit is of 3-4 days. In this, a fixed tooth crown is permanently placed over the implant. No healing time is required after this.

Tooth Implant

Question:  How much does the  treatment cost?
Answer:     An implant with 10 year replacement warranty costs Indian Rupee 23000 / US Dollar 350. Please read detailed information on the dental implant cost here.

Question:  How long does it take for a dental implant?
Answer:     It takes 2 visits of 3-4 days for the treatment.

Question:  Do you provide support after treatment is done?
Answer:     Yes, we give a long-term warranty to most of the treatments. So, you can call us anytime and schedule a consultation with the doctor.

Question:  Can I talk to the doctor by video call before planning my trip?
Answer:     Yes, you can consult with the doctor face-to-face by Skype and WhatsApp video call before and after treatment.

Question:  Do you charge anything else apart from the price list mentioned on the website?
Answer:     No, there are no hidden charges. The total cost of the treatment is US $350. Complete price list of all treatments is mentioned here: Price List

Question:  How do I book tickets and hotels for the planned treatment trip to your location?
Answer:     You can call us anytime and let us know the dates you want to travel. We can book on your behalf. Otherwise you can book tickets and hotels on any travel website and send us the details.

Question:  How will I reach to your clinic or hotel from Airport?
Answer:     We send our car and personal driver to pick you from Airport. Otherwise you can book a taxi directly from the airport for $10 and give the driver our address:

78 Surya Niketan
Vikas Marg Extension
Delhi – 110092, India

You can also give our phone number +91.9810554230 to the taxi driver so that he can coordinate with us.

Question:  How can I get a SIM card in India after arrival?
Answer:     We give a SIM card to you. Otherwise You can get a SIM card after arrival from New Delhi Airport.

Most popular mobile network companies in India are Jio, Airtel and Vodafone

Question:  Can I visit popular places in India during my stay?
Answer:     Yes, planned dental treatments does not require hospitalization. So, you can visit many places in India during your stay. We provide our car and personal driver for two days trip in and around New Delhi. For more details please see: Dental Tourism in India


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