Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant surgery is done in two parts. A dental implant is placed in the jaw in the first part, and a tooth crown is placed on the dental implant in the second part.

Various factors are taken into account when planning dental implant surgery. These are: number of required dental implants, type of dental implants, number of dental crowns, type of dental crowns, best

Dental Implant

jaw sites for dental implants. Therefore, your doctor plans surgery according to the structure of your jawbone, how many teeth are missing and how many dental implants are needed.

A complete dental implant surgery consists of 4 parts:

  1. Planning (Checkup, X-Ray, tests, cost estimate)
  2. Dental implant surgery (dental implant insertion)
  3. Healing time (Waiting time)
  4. Tooth crown placement

Cases of Dental Implant

Dentist Consultation and Tests

1. Visit to a Dentist


Visit a dental clinic for a consultation. In this, the dentist will examine the mouth and then will take a 3D image (CBCT, CT Scan) or an X-Ray of the whole mouth. The dentist can give a better estimate of the number of dental implants and cost of the treatment once he examines the images.

2. Preparation for the Surgery

Dental Equipment

The dentist can decide the best locations in the mouth to insert the dental implant using the 3D image of the mouth. The dentist then prepares a device called “Stent” using the 3D image. The stent helps in accurate placement of the dental implant in the jaw bone. Therefore, a very small cut is required in the gums to insert the dental implant in the jaw.

Dental Equipment
Dental Equipment
Dental Equipment

The 3D image also gives information if any additional procedure is required, like: bone graft and sinus lift surgery. It also shows the path of main blood vessels in the mouth that must not be touched during the surgery.

Bone Graft and Sinus Lift Surgery

Bone graft and sinus lift surgery is done on a part of the jaw if has less bone to hold the dental implant. It adds artificial bone in the part of the jaw that holds the dental implant.

In this procedure, a tissue layer near the gums (sinus membrane) is lifted and the bone graft (artificial bone) is filled in the jaw. The dental implant is then inserted.

The bone graft fuses with the jaw bone and becomes like a natural bone within a few weeks.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Placement: In this surgery, the dental implant is placed in the jaw. It takes 45-60 minutes to insert one dental implant. After the surgery, you can resume your daily work after 2-3 days. A tooth crown is not yet placed in this surgery because the bone needs time to heal completely.

Healing / Waiting Time: The healing / waiting time is of 2 months. A temporary acrylic tooth crown is placed over the dental implant as a temporary replacement of a permanently fixed tooth crown.

During this time, you can eat, chew all types of food, but a temporary acrylic tooth

crown is weaker than a permanently fixed zirconia tooth crown, so you should only eat food that is soft, and avoid biting food items that are hard.

Second Visit: The second visit is of 3-4 days. In this, the temporary acrylic tooth crown is removed and a fixed tooth crown is permanently placed over the dental implant. No healing time is required after this.

Frequently Asked Questions​


Question: Is a dental implant surgery painful?

Answer: No, it is a completely painless procedure.

Question: Do you use anesthesia to reduce pain?
Answer: Yes, anesthesia is used to numb the mouth. You will be fully awake during the treatment and you will not feel any pain in the mouth.

Question: How many days are required for the complete dental implant surgery and the tooth crown procedure?
Answer: The complete dental implant surgery and the tooth crown procedure takes 2 visits of 4-5 days with a gap of 2 months in between the visits.


Question: How long does a dental implant last?
Answer: A dental implant lasts for 15+ years.

Question: What if I do not get a dental implant?
Answer: If the empty space left by an extracted tooth is not filled by a dental implant, then it will cause other teeth to fall soon. See the effects of a missing tooth on other teeth here.


Question: Is a tooth crown compulsory after inserting a dental implant?
Answer: Yes, a tooth crown is compulsory after inserting a dental implant.


Question: Does a tooth after the dental implant procedure look like a natural tooth?
Answer: Yes, it looks like a natural tooth because the color of tooth crown matches with the color of your other natural teeth.

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