Pediatric Dentistry

• Specialization

A pedodontist, also commonly known as a pediatric dentist, is the one who specializes in children’s oral health care with the most advanced child friendly techniques. A pedodontist typically sees children, ageing six months to 13 years old. Since some found “pedodontist” to be confusing the more commonly-used term is “kid’s dentist”. Dentistry in children provides both preventive and therapeutic oral health care for children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

• Developing good habits

A pedodontist will also work with the child’s parent to educate how to ensure their child performs a proper oral hygiene routine, and will also discuss treatment plans for the future. They are mindful of your children’s emotional and mental development which allow them to calm the children and make them comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

• Brush teeth early and often

You should start brushing your baby’s teeth before they ever come in. You can wipe their gums with a warm rag while they are teething in order to remove the sugar from the milk that they are drinking. Once they have teeth, you should brush them twice a day just like you would your own.

• Your child should visit a pediatric dentist regularly

It is recommended that parents should take their children to the dentist regularly. This will get them used to noises, smells, and prepare them for future dental visits without any fear. Pedodontist usually has a conventional dental clinic with themed colorful interiors making the child comfortable with the surroundings. They are also qualified to provide sedation to children with more invasive dental treatments.

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