Repair Broken or Fractured Tooth

A tooth is very strong, but it can break or fracture if it is weak or hit with a lot of force. When a tooth fractures or breaks, it causes a lot of pain and swelling for several days. Therefore, the broken tooth must be repaired or replaced.

Whether a tooth will be repaired or replaced, depends on the extend of damage in the tooth.

Broken Tooth

If the tooth is partially broken or fractured then it is repaired with a root canal treatment and a tooth crown. It extends the life of the broken tooth by 5-10 years. If the tooth is completely broken from the base near the gums and its roots are damaged, then the tooth is extracted and replaced with a dental implant. A dental implant lasts for over 20 years.

Reasons for a Broken Tooth

A tooth can break or fracture because of several reasons:

  • In case of an accident
  • If chewing or biting hard food
  • A weak tooth because of cavity
  • A weak tooth because of age
Broken Tooth

Symptoms of a Fractured Tooth

Sometimes a fracture in the tooth is not visible, but if there is pain in the tooth or swelling in the gums, then it can be because of a fracture in a tooth.

The symptoms of a fractured tooth are:

  • Pain in the tooth when chewing or biting
  • Sensitivity (painful feeling of hot and cold) in the tooth
  • If it pains to touch the tooth
  • If there is swelling in the gums and pain in the tooth
Tooth Pain

Treatments for a Broken Tooth

If the tooth is not completely broken from base in the gums, or if roots of the tooth are intact, The best treatment for a broken tooth  is root canal treatment of the tooth, with a tooth crown.

If the whole tooth is broken from gums and the roots of the tooth are also damaged, then a dental implant replaces the complete tooth and its roots after tooth extraction.

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Cost of Root Canal Treatment is - $ 70 per tooth

Root Canal Treatment

The complete cost of root canal treatment consists of:

  • Doctor’s Consultation (Checkup, X-Ray)
Root Canal Treatment

The average cost of root canal treatment of a tooth is $ 1050 in USA and $ 70 outside of USA at our clinic.

Cost details:


Cost in USA

Cost outside of USA

Root Canal Surgery

$ 1050

$ 70

Tooth Crown (Zirconia)

$ 1260

$ 90

Doctor’s Consultation (Checkup, X-Ray)

$ 90

No Cost


$ 2400

$ 160

  • Root Canal Surgery:

Cost in USA

: $ 1050

Cost outside of USA

: $ 70

  • Tooth Crown (Zirconia):

Cost in USA

: $ 1260

Cost outside of USA

: $ 90

  • Doctor’s Consultation (Checkup, X-Ray):

Cost in USA

: $ 90

Cost outside of USA

: No Cost

  • Total:

Cost in USA

: $ 2400

Cost outside of USA

: $ 160

Low Cost & Affordable Dental Care

Dental treatment is very expensive in USA, but you can save a lot of money by traveling to an affordable location outside of USA for 4-5 days for the treatment.

For example, at our clinic, the average cost of a dental treatment is at least 5-10 times lower than the average cost of dental treatment in USA. So, you can save a lot of money, and at the same time enjoy a free holiday trip.

Frequently Asked Questions​


Question: Is it painful to place a tooth crown?
Answer: No, it is a completely painless procedure.

Question: Do you use anesthesia to reduce pain?
Answer: Yes, anesthesia is used to numb the mouth. You will be fully awake during the treatment and you will not feel any pain in the mouth.


Question: How many days are required for the complete procedure of tooth crown?
Answer: The complete procedure of tooth crown takes total 2 days at our clinic.

Question: How long will the tooth last after placing a tooth crown on it?
Answer: A tooth crown extends the life of a tooth by 10-15 years.


Question: Do I need to visit the dentist more often after the treatment?
Answer: No, you do not need to visit the dentist more often, after the treatment is over.

Question: Does a tooth crown look like a natural tooth?
Answer: Yes, it looks like a natural tooth because the color of a tooth crown matches with the color of your other natural teeth.

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