Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is the most common dental problem. Tooth pain is an indication of bad oral health, that requires appropriate dental treatment. Tooth pain should not be neglected and you should visit a dentist for the treatment.

People usually do not get dental checkup and tooth cleaning done at regular intervals and visit a dentist only when there is pain in a tooth. This can result in an emergency dental treatment and severe infections. The pain in the tooth and its dental treatment can be avoided if regular checkups are done by the dentist, before the start of tooth pain.

People sometimes take medicine for the pain or take home remedies. It  can only suppress the pain for some

Tooth Pain

time but it will not treat the real cause of the pain. Therefore, correct diagnosis of tooth pain and the appropriate dental treatment should be done if you feel pain in a tooth.

Sensitivity in Tooth

Tooth Pain

Sensitivity in the tooth is the feeling of pain when hot or cold food or liquid touches a tooth. It happens when the pulp inside the tooth is exposed to hot or cold food, or hot or cold liquid. If the outer layer of the tooth is worn-out or decayed, then it gets thin. It causes the food or liquid to touch the inner pulp of the tooth, and it causes pain in the tooth.

Tooth Pain

Many special toothpastes are available to cure the sensitivity in the tooth. These can only suppress the pain but do not cure the cause of pain in the tooth. Therefore, the correct dental procedure is root canal treatment of the tooth and a tooth crown over the tooth.

Reasons of Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

These are the most common reasons for pain in a tooth:

  • A cavity in the tooth
  • Gum disease
  • Inflammation in root of the tooth
  • Broken tooth in an accident
  • Worn-off or weak tooth
  • Pain because of wisdom tooth
Tooth Pain

The treatment for tooth pain depends on the reason of tooth pain. The dentist will check the mouth and its condition, and then will be able to suggest the appropriate treatment for it.

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