Foreign Trip - Things to Remember

If you are planning a foreign trip to India for medical treatment then it is important to remember a few tips on travel, treatment, cost, communication, food, currency etc. These tips will make your journey more comfortable.

So, here we have listed a few general tips regarding travel to India, especially when traveling for medical tourism.

Medical Tourism

Tips for Travel


Medical Tourism

Inform the hospital and doctors about your medical history, if you have taken a medical treatment before, or if you have any allergy or disease. If you take any medicine regularly, then bring it with you. You can fill all the above details in the patient form here.


Medical Tourism

Sometimes, it can take one extra day to complete the medical treatment. Therefore, the date of return flight to USA should be one day after the last day of the treatment. If you are not sure about the return date then:

  • You can book a flight with an option to change the return date. Many airlines give an option to change the return date for a small or no fee, and without cancelling the ticket. You can check the flight rescheduling fee of the airline on the internet or the airline’s customer care before booking your ticket with the airline. Our support team on live chat will always help you in checking the rescheduling fee of the selected airlines.
  • If the rescheduling is not possible, or if the flight with rescheduling option is very expensive, then you can book a flight for only one side travel from dental_location_country to India and then book the return flight from India to dental_location_country during your tour, when the doctor tells you the final day of the treatment. Usually, the doctor will tell the last date of the treatment after a physical examination of your mouth and x-ray etc. on the first day at dental_our_clinic.

You can check these websites to book a flight:

You can check these websites to book a hotel:

We suggest you to always book the flights directly from the airline’s website after searching for the best flight on above websites. The websites mentioned above are a good way to search for the best airlines and flight for you, but it is highly recommended to book the flight from the airline’s website, and not from these websites. Because if the flight is booked directly from the airline’s website, they charge lower rescheduling or cancellation fee, as compared to the websites mentioned above.



If you visit a shopping or entertainment or tourist place in India, or if you are traveling in a public transport, then carry only the minimum required Indian currency in cash, and do not carry any important document like passport or visa with you. You can keep a copy of your passport and visa with you but not the original document. When you arrive in India, we will give you Indian currency. So, you do not need Indian currency from a currency exchange counter.

Inform your bank by phone and email that you will use your credit card outside of USA, and in India, on your dates of travel, so that the bank does not deny the payment made from the card at the hospital or the hotel.

Add and activate your credit card on at least one major online payment app like PayPal, Google pay, WhatsApp Pay, Amazon Wallet etc.

After activating the card on an online payment app, make a small payment to the hospital of like USD $ 5 to make sure the card is activated.

Visa, Hotel and Documents

Medical Tourism
  • Keep a photocopy of your passport, visa, and hotel booking in your carry bag or wallet.
  • You can share a copy of your passport and visa with the hotel and the hospital before the flight.
  • Always book the hotel before starting the travel, and apply for a visa at least 2 weeks before the date of flight.


Medical Tourism

You have two options for phone calls and mobile data usage:

  • We provide you a temporary local phone number with calling and data facility in it.
  • Or you can activate international roaming from your current mobile network provider.


If you are traveling for medical treatment, it is advised to eat food that is soft, and without spices. You should also avoid cold drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco.


Medical Tourism

If the hotel or the hospital is providing transport from the airport to the hotel, then save the phone number and photo of the driver who will receive you at the airport.

If the hospital or hotel is not providing any transport from the airport, then search on Google for the best way to reach the hotel from the airport. It can be a bus or train or Uber, rental car, private taxi service, shared taxi etc.

  • Save the address and phone number of the hotel and hospital in your phone.
  • Save an offline map of New Delhi in your phone in Google Maps app.

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Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism
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