Latest Equipments

We use the latest and advanced instruments in all dental treatments. We use the best dental material for all dental treatments. A summary of the equipment, technology and materials used is given below:

Ultraviolet Automatic Sterilization

We use automatic sterilization system with ultraviolet chamber. The instruments are sterilized in an autoclave equipment at extremely high temperature and pressure. The instruments are then kept in an ultraviolet chamber and are only taken out during treatment. The instruments are sterilized first. It kills all germs, bacteria and virus, if any present. And when the instruments are kept in an ultraviolet chamber, it prevents any new bacteria or virus to develop on the instruments.

Laser Dentistry

Low intensity ultraviolent and blue laser is used after teeth filling. The heat generated by the light expands the teeth filling material to any small gap left between tooth and the material. So, nothing can seep through any hole.

Digital X-Ray

We use digital X-Ray for diagnosis and dental treatments. The digital x-ray is a high resolution x-ray technology that gives x-ray of mouth instantly as compared to film-based x-ray which takes 15-20 mins to develop. The x-ray image from RVG is directly transferred to the computer display and helps in a quick diagnosis. Digital x-ray is also more convenient to use. Patient can also keep a copy of digital x-ray and OPG.

Long-term Warranty

We know our work is the best in our domain. We use the best equipment, technology and material. Therefore, we have no hesitation in offering genuine warranties of up to 20 years on our work, even life-time warranties in certain cases.

24 hours Availability

We are always available 24 hours and 7 days a week on phone and live chat. We also treat emergency cases at anytime of the day or night. Sometimes, if all the doctors and staff is busy and if the live chat or phone is not answered, then we promptly reply as soon as we see any missed chat or call.

Dental Material

We use the best quality dental material for all dental laboratory work. The quality of dental material is very important factor in the success rate of dental treatment because low quality material can cause failure of treatment. And the best quality materials last longer and are safer than other materials. We have mostly imported dental material from USA, Germany and Israel.

Dental Instruments





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