Medical Tourism

The cost of medical treatment is very expensive in USA but it is at least 5 to 10 times lower in an inexpensive location like India. Therefore, millions of patients visit India every year and get their treatment done.

It saves a lot of money in medical expense and at the same time the patient enjoys a free holiday trip in India.

Medical Tourism

How to Plan a Medical Tour?

  • Plan the treatment with the Dentist
  • Cost estimate of treatment and travel
  • Book tickets, hotel before travel
  • Visa application before travel
  • (Optional) Plan a holiday trip during your stay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affordable Treatment Abroad



  • There are traveling costs of flight, hotel and visa when traveling for affordable treatment abroad.
  • You have to take a flight of 8 hours that costs $ 500
  • You need to take a leave of 4-5 days from work for the treatment
  • You have to use a temporary local phone number or get international roaming for 4-5 days

Treatment Planning and Scheduling

If you are planning to get your dental treatment done at our clinic, we request you to first send us a few photo on your mouth on email or on live chat. Our team of doctors will diagnose your condition and give you an estimate of time and cost required for the dental treatment.

X-ray of Whole mouth
Medical Tourism
Photo of Mouth

We might also need a complete x-ray of mouth if the treatment required a surgery. You can get an x-ray done at any medical laboratory or dental clinic in your location and send us the image. The x-ray helps us in better planning of your treatment and better estimate of time and cost required for the treatment.

Cost of Treatment

After checking the images of mouth and x-ray, the doctors will advice the dental treatment for you. You will also get the total cost of treatment.

You can also check the complete price list of all the recommended treatment here.

Medical Tourism

We also have an online cost calculator for dental treatment where you can calculate the cost of your treatment.

Cost of Travel for Treatment

Although the cost of dental treatment outside of USA is very low as compared to the cost of the treatment in USA, there are other costs to consider before deciding to travel for the affordable treatment. These are:

  • Round trip flight

    USA 🡆 India 🡆 USA

  • Hotel stay per day
    (including food)
  • Visa (1 year validity)




$ 500

$ 40

$ 40

Flight Tickets and Hotel

Dental treatment is not an emergency treatment and can be planned many days before the date of travel. So, the tickets and hotel can be booked many weeks or months before the date of travel. Booking a flight or hotel a few weeks in advance can be 20-30% lower than the regular price of flight. A tour of New Delhi and India can also be planned along with the treatment.

You can check these websites to book a flight:

You can check these website to book a hotel in New Delhi:

We have regular patients visiting us for dental treatments, so we can arrange rooms in 3-star hotels at very affordable rates. We also provide pick and drop from airport to hotel by our car and personal driver.

Tourist Places to Visit in New Delhi, India

There are many entertaining and beautiful places to visit in and around New Delhi. Most of the places are within 30 minutes of distance from our clinic. These are museums, ancient monuments, shopping and entertainment areas, temples, amusement parks, theme parks, gardens, live shows and zoo.

We provide our car and a personal driver for trips to all tourist places in and around New Delhi, India.

Medical Tourism

Some of the famous places to visit in and around New Delhi are mentioned below.

  • Red Fort
  • Taj Mahal
  • National Zoo
  • Qutub Minar
  • Lotus Temple
  • National Museum
  • Worlds of Wonder
  • Kingdom of Dreams
  • Akshardham Temple

Question:  How much does the  treatment cost?
Answer:     An implant with 10 year replacement warranty costs Indian Rupee 23000 / US Dollar 350. Please read detailed information on the dental implant cost here.

Question:  How long does it take for a dental implant?
Answer:     It takes 2 visits of 3-4 days for the treatment.

Question:  Do you provide support after treatment is done?
Answer:     Yes, we give a long-term warranty to most of the treatments. So, you can call us anytime and schedule a consultation with the doctor.

Question:  Can I talk to the doctor by video call before planning my trip?
Answer:     Yes, you can consult with the doctor face-to-face by Skype and WhatsApp video call before and after treatment.

Question:  Do you charge anything else apart from the price list mentioned on the website?
Answer:     No, there are no hidden charges. The total cost of the treatment is US $350. Complete price list of all treatments is mentioned here: Price List

Question:  How do I book tickets and hotels for the planned treatment trip to your location?
Answer:     You can call us anytime and let us know the dates you want to travel. We can book on your behalf. Otherwise you can book tickets and hotels on any travel website and send us the details.

Question:  How will I reach to your clinic or hotel from Airport?
Answer:     We send our car and personal driver to pick you from Airport. Otherwise you can book a taxi directly from the airport for $10 and give the driver our address:

78 Surya Niketan
Vikas Marg Extension
Delhi – 110092, India

You can also give our phone number +91.9810554230 to the taxi driver so that he can coordinate with us.

Question:  How can I get a SIM card in India after arrival?
Answer:     We give a SIM card to you. Otherwise You can get a SIM card after arrival from New Delhi Airport.

Most popular mobile network companies in India are Jio, Airtel and Vodafone

Question:  Can I visit popular places in India during my stay?
Answer:     Yes, planned dental treatments does not require hospitalization. So, you can visit many places in India during your stay. We provide our car and personal driver for two days trip in and around New Delhi. For more details please see: Dental Tourism in India

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